Gastronomy-Restaurant and Pool Bar



The Island Concept’s Blue Fish Restaurant stays true to its roots and makes use of all the nourishing elements the land provides. Traditional dishes with a modern twist come to life, surprising and delighting your senses.


Cretan cuisine is naturally centered around fresh produce, with a plethora of endemic wild herbs, vegetables and fruit to mix and match creating flavors distinctively connected to the island. Although simple, every dish offers a new and bursting taste for your palate to discover, with the primary ingredient in all dishes being the celebrated extra virgin olive oil, used in generous amounts.

This specific diet is undeniably one of the healthiest in the world due to the Cretan climate and soil. Always accompanied by local hospitality, we invite our guests to plunge into the world of excellent flavor with arms wide open.

A culinary adventure

As the skies turn from blue to pink, soak in the constantly changing colors by savoring our creative signature cocktails at the White Seal Pool Bar. The sound of the ocean crashing onto the shore and the light background music, bring the ultimate ambience to a perfectly serene evening.

The astonishing view of the Cretan mountains sinking into the Aegean Sea, can be gazed upon from all dining areas, and for a further romantic experience or special occasion, the private dining section will take your breath away.

Make the most of your day exploring the outdoors, whether it be on a sailing trip or a hike, with a picnic basket. This gourmet bespoke or set menu contains all the essentials needed for an intimate and care-free break into nature.

Renowned chefs are specially invited on a regular basis for a limited period of time, creating sophisticated wonders and taking you on an unforgettable culinary journey. Our sommelier compliments each dish with carefully chosen selections from the extensive wine list.

Recharge your day by discovering our fresh fruit and vegetable Healthy Juice Bar, providing the vitamins necessary to boost your health and quenching that thirst that lingers on summer days.