The largest of the Greek Islands, Crete offers a diverse range of activities from beaches, wineries, caves and more.


Hiking Tours

Richtis gorge has everything a nature lover needs. Situated in a state protected nature reserve, full of flora and fauna, this 3km trail takes you from the historically rich Lachanas Bridge to the highlight of this hike. A stunning 20-meter waterfall forms a small pond at the bottom, ideal for cooling down and taking a break before continuing to the pebbly Richtis beach.

Sailing Tours

Golden by name, golden by nature. Chrissi takes its name from the colours of the shimmering sand on its beautiful beaches. You’re in for a treat, as taking a day trip here means swimming in the islands crystal clear waters and catching the scent of cedar trees drifting through the air. This experience will become a memory of a lifetime.

Walking tour

The locals refer to it as simply “the Lake”. Once believed bottomless, Lake Voulismeni is the most picturesque part of town and not one to miss when visiting Agios Nikolaos. By day, from the top of the lake, it boasts colourful buildings and by dusk, the pink skies take over and the town comes to life with music. Take a stroll around the lake to the cliffs and climb the steep steps, getting to the highest viewing point.

Boat trip to Spinalonga

Spinalonga recently became a poignant memorial to yet another chapter of Crete’s astonishingly diverse history. In the Gulf of Elounda, the teardrop-shaped island boasts a 16th century Venetian fortress, but its use as a leper colony for more than 50 years meant that authorities did little to publicise it. Tourists started to acknowledge it when boats began making the short crossing from the mainland in the 1980’s and it rightly gained international recognition when it was the setting for Victoria Hislop’s best-selling novel The Island in 2005.

The wine routes of Heraklion

Take a journey from the capital to where two-thirds of Cretan wine is produced. Along these roads, you will encounter antique vineyards, old monasteries and Minoan sites, while the wine factories will share their knowledge on the wine production process from the terroir and harvest of the grapes to fermentation and aging.

Local cuisine in Crete

The Cretan diet has obtained world-wide recognition in recent years, since medical studies have certified it as one of the healthiest in the world. Utilising every ingredient provided by nature such as wild greens, legumes, pulses and the finest extra virgin olive oil, Cretan dishes become distinctive due to the use of aromatic herbs - oregano, thyme, rosemary and dittany. A culinary voyage not to be missed!